“Yo Listen Up Here’s a Story…

… about a little guy who lives in a blue world” Well  green if you look at my equipment!

Kenora to Vermilion Bay (13th July 2017)

I was kinda sad to leave Kenora, its a nice town with lots of opportunities to take parts in water sports including Kayaking, canoeing, SUP(ing?), motor boats, jet skiing (although the people I saw using these all seemed to be chavvy), jet skiing and diving! Unfortunately I didn’t have the time or weather to take advantage of this.

Unfortunately I was going to have to follow the Tran Canada Highway which has the potential of being quite busy at time and, at this point, tends not to have a very big shoulder for cyclists. On the plus side this area of the country is littered with thousands of smaller (although still huge) lakes and there are quite a few right next to the road.

Having had a couple of days rest I was feeling fresh, and as those who know me will know this means I tend to push a little to hard! It is a hilly day too with 679m of assent in 88km.

Kenora to vamilian .jpg

I wasn’t likely to make particularly good time due to the hills and the fact that I kept stopping to look at the lakes, I even ended up having a paddle in one at lunch. Of course this led to the inevitable mosquito bites, its actually getting to the point where I don’t really notice most of them any more.


A wee paddle in one of the many lakes

I ended the day at a campsite at Crystal Lake campsite were I had a did in there “pool” which was rather pleasant!

Vermilion Bay to Dryden (14th July 2017)

The owner of the campsite informed me that there wouldn’t be the quantity of lakes that I had enjoyed the day before and that there would be a large amount of road works coming up… great… I love road works…

For about 30km the going was good, there were still hills (hills make me happy!) and some lakes… then the roadworks..

I saw the queue first and scooted down the side of it with lots of people saying “hi” as they waited by the side of them… I was a little surprised that there was between 2 and 3km of tail backs at this point, I haven’t seen any traffic outside of the cities! This had me slightly worried as it means the drivers are a bit ancy to get through the roadwork’s as quick as possible. I scooted to the front of the queue and was warned that the road conditions were quite bad but I really didn’t have much option!

For the next 30km I pushed through the works as quickly as possible averaging 20kph over hilly landscape with rough ground on a heavy bike. By the time I got through the works I was tired,  if I did much more distance I would be in no condition to ride tomorrow, I knew I was going to ache as it was. A few km later I came to Drydon and decided to rest there for a night. Apparently Drydon is the smallest city in Ontario and the only other city apart from Kenora in the Central Time Zone.

Dryden to  Ignace (15th July 2017)

I was right… I ached… The going was slow but I had to plod away the miles, I hadn’t covered the distance I had wanted over the last couple of days so needed to just keep plodding. The going seemed relatively flat and I had a slight tail wind so I was actually making better time than I had realised!

Lunch was next to one of the lovely lakes where I had a good stretch to loosen the legs.


Lunch break

The day was quite uneventful up until about 12:00hrs, about 20km from my planned stop at Ignace, there was a queue of traffic, I assumed that it was roadwork’s but there were too many people out of the cars, as I slowly made my way down the shoulder I gradually found out more, there was an fatal accident further down the road and it was likely to be up to 6hrs before we would be able to move on… the only way round would be a 4hr car drive back the way I had come then round the south… not a chance I could do that on a bike! I waited for a while then went to talk to the police at the scene to see if there was any update.

As I approached the car two officers got out and one offered to escort me through the scene of the accident as long as I followed exactly what I was told and gave all due respect to the casualty, which I was more than willing to do. Thank you to that very kind officer, I was very willing to wait or even camp on the roadside for the night so that they could do what they needed to do.

I rolled into Ignace about 19:00 hours and couldn’t find the campsite so ended up at a motel for the night.

On a more positive note it was my Mum’s Birthday today… Happy Birthday!

Ignace to English River (16th July 2017)

I woke up tired, I had had a fast day followed by a long day and my body was feeling it, but I couldn’t rest, I need to do more miles so it was back on the bike and on the road albeit slightly later than normal. I must admit I wasn’t taking too much notice of what is around me today I was too tired, if it wasn’t for the heavy traffic I would have plugged into my music but the road was too narrow and I needed to hear what was behind me.

By lunch time I was already thinking of stopping, I had found some nice locations on the way and actually ended up having a quick nap next to one of the lakes!


Time for a nap.

About an hour later I was back on the road and headed on, about an hour and a half later I came to English River, and it was quite pretty so I decided to stay here overnight at another motel..

English River (17th July 2017)

I am still tired and the weather is foul… I’m not moving today! I don’t want to play.

English River to Savanne Resort (18th July 2017)

The weather has picked up and I feel less tired so get on the road… again later than planned though as I ended up talking to nearly everyone at the motel over breakfast!

Today has only two options its either going to be short or very long unless I sleep by the road and I don’t really want to do that. The scenery is very similar to the last few days and that fine, its quite pretty! It turns out that I am actually quite tired still so I decided to have a shorted day (69km).


Eve and Frankenbag enjoying a break by the lake

Its been busy on the road today, there have been around about 200 motor bikes making a lot of noise by mid afternoon I came to a campsite and relaxed.

Savanne Resort to Thunder Bay (19th July 2017)

Today was fun… lots of hills with big twisting descents and after a few shorter days I was feeling a lot fresher, I plodded and it seems that today was a day for seeing other cyclists, I came across a few heading the other direction, on the whole only sharing a wave, but on occasion a chat when the traffic allowed us to stop.


“the hills are alive (unfortunately) with the sound of music” well my singing… 

Just after lunch I came across a cyclist heading the same way as me, Karen is a lovely Irish lady who is also doing the cross Canada ride but doing it in a mere 50 days! While chatting to her chap from Quebec came up, it was all getting very social at the road side! I ended up cycling with Karen for a while until we started to hit more hills, I tend to go up these quite quickly it seems and started to leave her behind, we decided we would meet up at Kakabeka Falls provincial park  as we were both heading that way, I was planning on camping there.


Selfi with Karen

The falls were stunning, I hadn’t seen any proper falls for quite a way. After chatting to Karen for a while she headed of towards Thunder Bay and I went to the campground, it turned out that the campground was expensive so I decided that I would go an extra hour and a half to Thunder Bay and get a motel for about $20 more.

O and I forgot to mention, I passed into another time zone!


So that’s how this boy got to Thunder Bay… more next time! Happy adventures!


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