Low moral

I have been struggling with motivation and energy for the last week or so and its therefore been hard to just get out and keep moving. I took a few days rest in Yorkton to try and recover, and my body has quite a bit, but my motivation is still low. I think I need to see something that isn’t just fields and small towns with very little in them.


Sky in Yorkton

Yorkton to Kamsack (19/06/2017)

I travelled directly north for half the day which was a bit of a slog with the wind from the east slowing me down (due to side winds), the scenery is the same as for the last month and a half but this should be my last day in Saskatchewan so I am hopeful that it will start to change soon!



At about 12:00 I got to Canora for lunch and stopped for a Subway, I was tempted to stop but hadn’t actually covered much ground, only about 45km, so it was back on the bike and head east… with a tail wind! I made good time to Kamsack. I wasn’t feeling particularly game for camping so got a motel for the night and as I was on the way to the room the heavens opened! Thank god I wasn’t trying to set up a tent in that, to be honest even if the tent was up it may have wetted out!

After a shower and watching the rain for an hour before the blue skies reappeared it was into town for some food and possibly the worst macaroni and cheese I have had, o well its all food!

Kamsack to Grandview (20/06/2017)

I decided to do a long day in the saddle…. but struggled to get out of bed… I headed east until I joined route 5 which runs south east to the border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. just before Togo I came across a cycle tourist heading the opposite way, the first I have seen since the Rockies, again he was French but this chap had been on the road for 23 years nearly continuously apart from times when he was injured, like having to have his spleen removed in a rural African village after a bike accident! We chatted for about 1/2 hour before we parted ways. Not long after I stopped in Togo for a spot of lunch.


Crossing the line

After lunch I travelled about 2km to cross the boarder and, I think, another time zone. Into Manitoba the scenery was very slightly more bumpy but not much, still most appreciated though! I passed through Roblin but wasn’t fussed by the town and had been informed that there was a good campground further on but there was 10km of roadworks. It turns out that I wasn’t able to cycle through the works as the surface was being taken apart and there was lots of heavy vehicles going through so I had to wait around for a traffic manager to come with a flatbed pickup to take me through. Oddly the traffic controller wanted a photo with me as she had never come across anyone doing a cycle tour before… weird but I obliged.

After the trip through the works I ha came onto perfectly smooth roads for a few kilometres then disaster struck; at the end of the works is a very (very) slight bump… and it sounded like the back wheel exploded and steering went odd, I immediately stopped to check what had happened only to see one of my panniers 10 meters back (I had been going about 25km per hour). Both the clips on the top of the bag that are the main connection to the bike had snapped, unsurprisingly the bag had sustained some major damage on impact with the road so I had to do some roadside repairs, thankfully Alpkit had supplied spare clips, the rest of the repairs would have to be gaffa tape, this is less than ideal and the last thing I needed. After a number of choice word and doing what I could I to the bags it was on to Grandview, by now it was getting to about 19:30 and I was getting grumpy so checked into a hotel instead of camping (not much more expensive here) and got some food before adding more tape to the bag to make sure it will hold up.

Damage to the bag

Grandview to Dauphin (21/06/2017)

Again I struggled to get up and only started at about 10…. I made it as far as the coffee shop next door… then the local grocery shop to pick up some breakfast… cold Poptarts!

Today was going to have to be a short day, I was tired… not from the ride but the fact I hadn’t slept well, also when I got to Dauphin I had a couple of options on route and had yet to decide on the route. It was literally a straight ride between the two towns and the same scenery… seems Manitoba may be the same views…  I stopped for lunch at a roadside café, that’s the most exciting thing of the day apart from another storm coming through in the evening, I was modeling (again) and the next couple of days were going to be bad weather so I decided to hold up for a day or so to let the weather pass and choose what route to go. It also allowed me time to get a needle and thread and start patching up my torn pannier (now called Franken-bag)



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