I have spent nearly a week in Saskatoon, not 100% through choice but the opportunity to relax and recover was quite appreciated. There aren’t many tourist attrations as such in the town but it has a thriving foodie seen and I took full advantage of this and had some of the best meals that I have eaten so far on the trip. I ate on the terrace of posh hotels and at takeaway shops, and all of them were good quality and at a reasonable price! To be honest I cant tell you much else about the city as its really quite small. 

One thing of particulare note though is that they have the best bike shop I have yet come across in Canada, Bike Doctor. These guys have a great selection of gear and bikes but of more importance to me was  the servicing  team who tuned up the bike and did replaced the break pads on the drop of a hat even though they had a waiting list for works. Also they are lovely people with a wealth of both bike and local knowledge so if you pass through on a bike it’s worth going for a visit! Big thanks to Sarah and Brad in particular.

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