High Point

So the last few days I have been held up at the Icefield Centre as there has been an avalanche between me and my next stop, Lake Louise, but as places to get stack go its not bad. The views of the Athabasca Glacier are stunning, and even though I couldn’t walk on the glacier (its too dodgy with the gear I have) I had a walk up the various trails to it which normally resulted in a shoe full of ice-cold water and jeans that wouldn’t dry for hours!


Athabasca Glacier

Eventually the avalanche was cleared late on Saturday (6th May 2017) and I could get on with my trip.

Icefield Centre to Lake Louise (7th May 2017)

This was going to be another tough day, they all seem to be! I was starting at a height of just under 2000m and would be 1400m before rising again to 2000m, after that it would mainly be down hill to Lake Louise at 1541m, so a lot of accent hills in general.

Icefield to LL.png

The route

Its hard to describe the day, I was following Route 93 to Saskatchewan River Crossing. This road had been described to me as one of the most beautiful roads in the world, I had assumed this was the typical North American habit of describing everything as “amazing” or “the best”, it turns out that this was not the case, this road is truly awe inspiring, around every bend in the road is another spectacular mountain, lake or river that, for me at least, takes the breath away. Most the mountains were either jagged monstrosities that left me looking for possible routes up then realising they were way out of my capacity to climb; or huge faces possibly 2000m high, then realising that as I was already 2000m up in the pass this would make these possibly 4000m high, again way outside my skill!


Big boys!

The cycling was tough, I am not sure if I am just tired or I was slightly effected by the height, apparently symptoms such as breathlessness can start from 1500m. To be honest it doesn’t really matter, I knew it was nothing serious even if it was altitude so I just kept plugging away. Even struggling up the hills I in awe of the mountains.


oooooo pretty!

At about 12:30 I got to Saskatchewan River Crossing, perfect timing to get some lunch. I was under the impression this was going to be a small village but it turns out that it is a rather large service station with motel, grocery store and café. The food was overpriced and not particularly good but it filled a hole.

From the crossing I followed the 93 south and started to climb gain, part way through the clime there was almost a plateau, well really it was just a series of mini hills part way up the mountain. On one of the hills I came across my first black bear, and rather closer than I would like! The general advice is to keep at least 8 bus lengths from bears, I was maybe 8m… at a push… but he wasn’t really interested in me, he watched to make sure I wasn’t a threat, and I watched to make sure he/she wasn’t (hand close to the bear spray on my belt!) I yet again didn’t get a picture but I am sure you can understand that I was in quite a dodgy place to stop and take a pic!


Curtesy of google… kinda how it looked…. not so flowery though!

After the bear encounter it was more climbing to reach the highest point of my trip at just under 2000m, my legs were dead and my lungs just couldn’t get enough oxygen for the exertion but onwards was the only way, and probably the quickest way to drop height.


High point!

To be honest the next section was a blur of stunning lakes and glorious mountains but one thing I do recall is seeing a number of marmots that squeaked at me as I passed on the way into Lake Louise.


I have no idea where I took this, possibly Bow Lake with Mount Jimmy Simpson?

Lake Louise to Banff (08/05/2017)

Today is a short day, 60km from Lake Louise to one of the places I am most looking forward to on the trip, Banff.

I wasn’t sure what route I was planning to take for this section as a quick glance at the road only showed the main road which is a duel carriageway and can get a touch busy at times. A closer look reviled the “old road” (everything is quite new here so its not that old!) Route 1A. This is a quieter road but involves more climbing than the main route, not that much o an issue after the last few days as I have decreased in altitude and the climbs are not as hard. The problem is the views weren’t great in comparison to the last few days but then they were magnificent.


Not quite as grand as yesterday but still good!

The route took me through high Alpine meadows that had yet to come into bloom and a dark pieces of Canadian history that I wasn’t aware of, the Internment Camps.


Internment Camp sign

Then it was down into Banff and to settle into the hostel for a few days rest.

To be continued…




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