Everything the body needs

After two hard days cycling I needed a day off so stayed in Blue River for another night so here is what Wiki has to say about it:

“Blue River is a small community in British Columbia, situated on British Columbia Highway 5 about halfway between Kamloops and Jasper, Alberta, located at the confluence of the Blue and North Thompson Rivers. It currently has 260 residents. The local economy is supported by logging, tourism and transportation industries”

That about sums up the town, its small with very little to do, so I chilled and recovered.

Blue River to Valemount

The day started with glorious sunshine which is a nice change to the normal drizzly start. The road was much the same, lined by trees but now the view of the white topped mountains where visible to keep me entertained. The route generally gained height today so I was prepared to switch into a low gear and just spin for the 55miles (90km) to Valemount but as it turned out although I was gaining height the inclines were so small that even with my heavy bike I was predominantly in the top 4 gears, this is possibly the longest I have spent in those!


Its nice to be able to see!

As I was criss-crossing the North Thompson River and slowly gaining height it had the obvious effect of reducing temperature (as a rule of thumb its 1oC for every 100m) and snow started to appear in the shady areas along the river and treeline. Although still in shorts my hands were getting cold enough to stop and put on some gloves and eat some more snacks.


Getting chilly again!

As the morning wore on I started to notice the clouds gathering… at about 11:30 the mountains ahead were coated in rain and it was time to put on the wet weather gear. For about 30mins the heavens opened but I knew it was only a passing shower and the maniacal grin was back, I have no idea why!

At about 13:30 I got to Valemount, this was about 1.5hrs earlier than I had anticipated so I had a shower and then a leasurly walk round town, as ever the museum was closed so I went to find somewhere to have some food… and guess what…. most places were closed! So what do you do in a town when the cultural and food places are closed? Well, personally I head to the bar and the best one in town is also a brewery! After a couple of mins I was in convo with some of the locals and getting some info on what was coming up over the next few days.


hmmmmm beer….

Dinner was had at the Caribou Grill which did possibly the best steak I have ever had! Well worth the visit and the staff are amazing! Canada-210.jpg

Valemount is a pretty little town!

Snow stops play on Saturday so its more wandering and chilling, no beer today though. Right, the hot tub is calling….



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