Now just to fit it in…

Only a few days now till I head off to Canada so thought I would put up a full kit list as I have found it useful to see what others have taken… so…. here it is:

Camping Gear (in various stuff sacks)
Sleeping Bag and Compression Sack
Sleeping Bag Liner (for mild/cold camping or hostel use)
Air Mattress/Pad+Stuff Sack (i.e.Therm-a-Rest; Insul-Mat; Z-rest)
Nylon Stuff Sacks (various sizes; for clothes + gear)
Backpacking Stove (in stuff bag or cook pot)
Fuel Bottle (11–22oz: liquid gas/alcohol or 8oz butane canister)
Cook Pot (1-2 liter pot w/ lid; aluminum / titanium)
Utensils: Spork / Spoon+Fork+Knife
Water Tank (i.e.Platypus/MSR: for collecting+pre-filtering+shower)
Light Backpack / Daypack
Clothes Pegs (4; for drying clothes)
Mosquito Head Net (used in buggy areas like AK or MN)
Cycling Clothes (usually wearing, unless you ride naked)
Cycling Jersey or Synthetic T-Shirt (2 short)
Cycling Shorts (2)
Underwear (2)
Cycling Gloves (1 pair)
Socks (3 pairs)
Cycling Shoes
Foul-Weather Cycling Clothes (in nylon stuff sack)
Long-Sleeve Jersey / Light-Mid Synthetic/Wool Zip Shirt (2)
Cycling Long-Tights (2)
Rain Jacket + trousers (1 set)
Winter Gloves (1 pr.)
Buff (2)
Wool Hat (1)
Camp + Town Clothes (in nylon stuff sack)
Travel Shirt (1)
Fleece Jacket/Vest or Mid/Heavy L/S Pullover (1)
Running / Swim Shorts (1)
Underwear (1 off the bike)
Wool (warm!) Socks (1 pr.)
Sun Hat (1)
Running Shoes (1 pr.)
Food Bag (in zip-lock bags inside nylon stuff sack)
50′ Nylon Cord (for hanging food; carabiner attached+small sack)
Meals + Snacks
Sports / Energy Drink Mixes (i.e. Gatorade powder)
Documents (in wallet / travel pouch / handlebar bag)
Drivers License
ATM / Debit Card
Credit Card(s) (w/ bank’s hotline # to call if lost / stolen)
Travel Tickets (airline)
Photocopies (passport / license; stored in separate place)
Emergency Contact Info (on biz card / journal / wrist band)
Travel Insurance Card
Phone Calling Card
Contacts List (family / friends) + Stamps (for postcards)
Personal Items (usually wearing and/or in handlebar bag)
Sunscreen (SPF 30+; sweatproof)
Insect Repellent (25% DEET or alternative)
Gadgets + Travel Items (in handlebar bag)
Phone + Charger
LED Headlamp + Batteries
Digital Camera; Memory Cards; Charger; Case (+ accessories)
Extra Battery; Card Reader; Screen Shield; Lens
iPod / mp3 Player (Radio; Recorder + Earphones; Charger)
GPS (+ charger / batteries / bar mount)
USB mini cable (for uploading photos, etc.)
Laptop Computer (+ carry case; charger; accessories, etc.)
Maps (in case/zip-lock—i.e. AdventureCyc /Rand McNally /AAA )
Guidebook (in zip-lock; i.e. Lonely Planet ; Frommer’s )
Pen (1)
Journal (small notebook)
Small Padlock (for hostel lockers—if using)
Bike Tools + Spare Parts (in pouch or zip-lock)
Air Pump (mini, pack in bag instead of on bike frame)
Patch Kit + Tire Levers
Spare Tubes (2)
Chain Lube
Brake Pads
Nuts + Bolts + Bailing Wire (specifically for racks, brakes, etc.)
Shop Rag (Bandana/Handy Wipes—for cleaning greasy hands)
Bicycle Multi-Tool
Chain + Spare Link(s)
Additional Repair Items (in pouch or zip-lock)
Multi-Tool / Pocket Knife
Duct Tape & Electrical Tape (small roll; 1+ yd.)
Plastic Zip Ties (various sizes)
Sewing Kit (needle; thread; buttons; small safety pins, etc.)
Safety Pins (4-5; large)
Shoe Laces (or cut pieces from nylon cord)
Rubber Bands (4-5; heavy-duty)
Toiletries (in travel pouch or zip-lock)
Travel Towel
Toothbrush + Toothpaste + Floss or Floss-Sticks
Toilet Paper (small roll in zip-lock) or Handy/Baby Wipes
Nail Clippers + Nail File
First-Aid / Other Toiltries (in pouch or zip-lock)
Band-Aids (assorted sizes & shapes)
Adhesive First-Aid Tape
Alcohol Wipes
Cotton Swabs
Compress / Gause Pads (med / large size)
Anti-Chafing Balm
Anti-Itch Cream
Anti-Diahearreal Tabs
Antihistimine Tablets
Neoprene Knee / Ankle Wrap
Survival Items (in pouch or zip-lock)
WhistleCanada Kit

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