Exciting News!

I am pleased to announces that Alpkit have be generous enough to come forward to  support me on my Canada adventure! As such I thought I would give you a little a bit of info about the company and what they do.


Alpkit was set up back in 2004 with the aim of producing top notch equipment at a reasonable price. The company has high ethical standards and insists on this from there supply chain too. They source animal based materials using only humane methods this means that the down is from non-live plucked, non-force fed animals and merino from non-mulesing farms. These guys are as green and ethical as they can be, and did I mention they make great kit?


Its all mine, mhahaha!!

In addition to the equipment side of the business Alpkit have the Alpkit Foundation. Set up in 2015 the foundation aims to help people overcome obstacles and enable them to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things. They support direct action where they can make a positive difference and help people get out and experience wild places.


Every month Alpkit donates 1% of its sales plus the proceeds from there events, such as the Big Shakeout. Alpkit will donate at least 10% of its annual profit to the Foundation each year to try to make this happen.

Thanks for the support guys and keep up the good work!




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