Day in a Life…

A bit of a different post for me, it’s not about adventures its about the side show, sports photography. I have been meaning to write a blog about what I get up to at events for a couple of years now and I have finally got round to it!

This weekend I was at the Surrey Half Marathon which is hosted by the wonderful people at AAT events. They had decided I did a good enough job last year that they invited me back again to take some promo shots for them.

These events can be an early start, but not as early as it is for the organisers. I got to the event HQ at Woking Leisure Centre at 06:00 (the organisers had been going since 04:00!) and met up with the RD and marketing team to have a quick chat about the brief they had provided and see what the schedule for the day was first race, the 5k, was to start at 08:00 followed by the main event at 09:00 and the kids race at 09:20. That left a couple of hours wandering around the event village trying to get photo’s of different team and organisations especially the events partners and the charities that they support. This year I decided that I would track my movements round the site as I am a curious chap and wonder silly thing like how far I travel at these events.

Surrey Half-8

Harrisons Fund, one of the charaties supported by Surrey Half Marathon

So after nearly 2hrs (3 miles) of walking round the event village being a happy snapper and getting calls to rush to the start line to take some team photos its time to get ready for the events. First up the 5km, due to the distance its hard to get more than just the start and finish area so its a case of running up and down the start/finish straight getting what you can. By the time this is complete you have about 10mins to catch you breath get some water.

Surrey Half-12

The start of the 5k race

Break over its back to the start line to start getting photos of the half marathon lining up and ready to start, at which point all the photographers pile behind the safety barriers as a few thousand runners come through like a herd of stampeding cattle. Then its the kids off and running, I stayed around to take some pics of the kids heading back then onto the bike and tearing of to get to the runners as they are approaching the 10k marker, by this point the leaders have already gone through but my brief asks for the body of the runners, not just the lead pack. From this point on I jumped between the 10k area and the 14km marker then back to the 10km and the water station at The Mayford Arms. The guys at this water station were shouting so much encouragement that you could see the runners gain a little energy as they approached the last incline of the race, they even showered some of the runner in confetti!

Surrey Half-66


After the this I followed the route back taking snaps where the opportunity showed its self, passing bands as they encouraged the runners and many, many supports. Back to the finish its time for the “hero shots” of people getting there meddles and the joy of people having just finished this great event.


Hero time!

But the day isn’t done for me yet, I have photo’s to start looking at and editing. For this event I took somewhere in the region of 2300 photo’s and the event wants a few for the next day so I have to quickly pick out a few and edit them to get over to the marketing team. There is still hours of editing still to go but I have a 2-3hr drive back to Birmingham so its packing up and off I go. Turns out that all in all I had covered 9 miles…. next year I will consider doing the run, I think it may be easier!

The End!

Surrey Half-96



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