Introducing Eve

Come April I will be jetting of to Canada to undertake a rather large and daunting trip, 6 months cycling from Vancouver, British Colombia to Halifax, Nova Scotia. For those not particularly good with Canadian geography (I was one of these until about 6 months ago!) that the west coast to the east coast, a journey of approximately 12000km in length.

This journey came about almost by accident, I was having 6 months out from work and a friend asked if I fancied visiting them in Whistler while they were doing a ski season out there, I have always wanted to go to Canada so I jumped at this offer! Now, where else do I want to go…. Well, being into the outdoors obviously places like Jasper and Banff jumped out at me but what was best to get from one to the other? I was really after an adventure not just a travelling holiday, do I travel by train to these places then fly somewhere else? I kind of liked the idea of Nova Scotia too, that’s a long way. I would have to fly from Calgary to get there before travelling who knows where next, or I could do something silly to get there… Well…. I could cycle there…. couldn’t I?? So a plan started to form, I had a few places in the west I wanted to see and a few places in the east, but the middle section is kinda rural, a Canadian friend of mine termed it as “hill-billy” and so flat that “people don’t have to worry about there dog getting loose as its so flat you will still be able to see it 4 days later”, but there is a National Trail open to everyone including bike.

So I have a rough route and an idea for transportation from A to B, now I need the vehicle itself… the problem is I need a “do everything” bike and these just do not exist, or at least not as far as I can tell! This means building a bike as close as possible to a “do everything” as possible, the problem is I have never built a bike!

After many, many hours of looking into potential builds and component selection this is what I settled on, lets hope it works! So, with no more adieu let me introduce you to Eve:


Eve the adventure machine

Frame – Cotic New Escapade, lime green (you gotta stand out right!)

Headset – FSA The Pig

Stem – Bontrager 2013 SSR 31.8mm 10 degree rise stem

Handle bars – Salsa Woodchipper

Shifters – Shimano RS685 Sti

Bottom bracket -Shimano BBR60

Front Crank – Shimano 105 11×2 53.32t

front derailleur – Shimano 105 11×2

cassette – Shimano SLX 11 speed

rear derailleur -Shimano SLX 11 speed

rear derailleur adapter – Jtek shiftmate 8a. Using drop bar shifters and mountain bike cassette and rear derailleur means a pull ration difference, this handy device means there is no difference…. sneaky!

Breaks – Clarks M2

Rims – DC19 700c

Hubs – Front I have a Son28 disk dynamo, rear

To be honest most of the construction was actually quite easy as long as you use your noggin, the main issue that I came across was the hydraulic brakes. Apparently these normally come preassembled… not the ones I got! So I had to go to the local bike shop and ask for there help, at this point they told me I had also bought the wrong fixing type, I had no idea that there were two types! I have to say a big thanks to the guys at Cycle Republic Birmingham for there help with this and many, many (,many) questions that they have answered!




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