“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”

So the 2016 San Miguel Rich List has been published. This isn’t your standard rich list of top business people who earn the mega bucks, no! This is a list 19 of the most experience rich people out there. These amazing people are living life outside of the norm, and how many of us can really say that?

The winners have been separated into four distinct categories but in the words of San Miguel “it’s their passion for life which truly unites them.”

The categories are:

  • Pathfinder – Globe-trotting tales of discovery, from the curious cave explorer, to the man who simply said ‘yes’ more.
  • Creative – Passionate film-makers, photographers, dancers and other artists who are driven by their vocation.
  • Game-changer -From a horse whisperer to a pothole gardener, these individuals choose to push the boundaries.
  • Life Swap – Ever dream of doing something completely different? Hear from people who changed their lives and continue to defy convention.

Everyone in this list is inspirational in there own way and I will defiantly be looking into each of them in more detail over the next few day.

Check out the following article and let me know who you thing is the most inspirational to you!





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