My Very First Blog

Oh! Hello there! This is all very exciting, isn’t it? It would appears that I have now got my very own blog, and I am only a few years behind the rest of the world but I’ve just been having too much fun to get round to setting one up.

So the main reason that I’ve set this up is that I have some very exciting adventures coming up and I thought some people may be interested in… My adventures include skiing in the Alps (which for most people I seem to know is a yearly event but its exciting to me!), a winter mountaineering trip to the West Highlands of Scooooootland, an epic 6 month coast to coast cycle across Canada and last but not least a marathon across the ice caps of Greenland in October. I would imagine there will be a few weekends of adventure and fun times in between but these are the big beasties for the year.


Me pretending like I know what I am doing

So lets start with a little bit about me…
I grew up in Epsom, Surrey which is south of London but within the M25, and no, not everything in-side the M25 is London before someone says it (you know who you are)! I grew up as a keen runner having been influenced by my mother, father and older brother from the age of about 6. I competed regularly in both track and cross-country events as a junior and transitioned to road running as soon as I could, completing in the Arundel Park 10k aged 15 (there was a loop hole in the normal rules of having to be 16 due to it being run by the local Scout group) where I got 2nd place in my age group. Unfortunately not hugely long after this I had prolonged injuries and then teenage boys lethargy. Aged 18 I got training in an attempt to complete London Marathon, unfortunately a couple of weeks before the event I had a disastrous 20mile race that left me ill for weeks, meaning that I had to postpone the attempt till 2006 where I completed in a time of 3:37:48.

Throughout my teenage years my parents had introduced me to something even more fun than the running world, they had taken me to the Welsh moutains and like so many before me I was hooked, but then how can you not be after a trip through Pen-y-Pass and Snowdonia in general? After this introduction many adventures have ensued including a failed attempt at the Pennine Way (due to injury), Wainwrights famous Coast-to-Coast walk, The West Highland Way, The South Downs Way and countless weekends of hilly fun in pretty much every condition that the UK can throw at me – blazing heat to Baltic white outs, one “interesting” experience was crossing Crib Goch from Snowdon Summit to Pen-y-Pass car-park in 60mph winds and rain (if you have never seen Crib Goch then see the picture below!)


In 2011 I moved away from Epsom to the railway town of Crewe in Cheshire, where I wasn’t able to keep up with my adventures for various reasons. Then in 2014 I moved to Birmingham and came back to the mountains with even more zeal than before, as well as taking up a little bit of photography on the side. I hope you enjoy the photo’s if not…. well just don’t look at them! 😉

In the last year or so the love of walking in the hills has progressed to climbing and winter mountaineering as well as some casual fell running. So I think it’s fair to say that I am just a lover of the hills! Really this was just a long winded post to say “hi!”. It’s time for me to sign off now and leave you to muse over just what the hell you have read!


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